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Artificial grass

The pavement is one of the fundamental parts of a padel tennis court so we only install products of the highest quality and technology. We equip our courts with the latest generation grass with straight or curly fibers.

Options and models

Maximum quality on the slopes for players of all levels

 ARTIFICIAL GRASS SYSTEM, MONDO brand, of the latest generation, made up of semi-concave textured monofilaments with central rib 250 μm thick, very low abrasion, made of polyethylene (PE) and specific additives with high resistance to wear and anti UV treatment, resistant to heat and extreme climatic variations. Stabilization filling and ballasting by means of rounded, washed and dried silica sand, with 97% silica, granulometry between 0,2 - 0,6 mm in an approximate quantity of 10-15 Kg / m2, depending on the lawn model.

Artificial grass
Mondoturf NSF Monofibre STX 90/12 A
Artificial grass
Mondoturf NSF Monofibre STX 90/10 A Supercourt