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We install the best Led projectors, from the most recognized manufacturers on the market. It should be noted that thanks to the design of our structure, all the cable is located inside it. This represents a great economic saving in the installation.

Padel light projector
Straight Pole
Curved pole

Projector Models

LED 200W / 24 lm


With superior quality aluminum body and resistant to corrosion. Glass sealed with silicone rubber that guarantees waterproof performance with IP65 protection. Contains high-power LED chips, constant current driver, and power supply without the need for an external ballast.

- 200 W of Power (1000 W of equivalent Power).

- Average life of 20.000 hours.

- Voltage AC-200-240 V, frequency 50 Hz.

- Energy efficiency class A +.

- 5 years warranty.


ECO series. Recommended option for courts that seek to improve their lighting with a projector designed specifically for the practice of Padel, without having to generate the extra outlay of the LITE WPT Court. Fully modular. It consists of 4 independent modules with serial diodes. Modules that are replaceable and upgradeable in the future with more efficient diodes, allowing a housing with a useful life well above that of compact projectors.

- 180W of Power.

- Oversized radiator in each module for correct dissipation.

- Waterproof connection box with Wago connectors.

- Pre-punched holes for an exact mounting at the angle necessary to the characteristics of the track

- 3 Years Warranty. 

Lighting Pole

Attached and anchored to the track structure, made with galvanized and lacquered S275 JR steel profiles, with the same characteristics as the structure, 6 m high and support to 2 projectors per pole.