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Program for sports facilities

The proper functioning of a padel court is essential so that the appropriate properties for sports are not lost.

PÓRTICO SPORT offers an exhaustive maintenance of its padel courts to all its clients or those clubs, individuals, town halls or facilities that need it.

Optimal maintenance is essential to:

  • The extension of the useful life of the track that will maximize the use time of the installation making it more profitable.

It is proven that poor maintenance causes the deterioration of the installation in an accelerated way. By performing proper maintenance, signs of pathologies can be detected that must be treated to prevent the replacement or repair of an item, always being more expensive.

  • Optimal playing conditions and safety to achieve suitable properties for the practice of this sport throughout the life cycle of the pavement.

Regular pavement care is essential to prevent the safety of the players, the quality of the game, the durability of the court and the aesthetic appearance of the court. Artificial turf floors that are highly compacted or with irregularities in the dosage of the silica sand are conducive to causing injuries to players (slipping and muscle injuries should be avoided).

  • The aesthetic aspect of the padel court is essential to show a good image of the club for its clients. You must always have an image of order, cleanliness and good condition of your facilities.

· Maintenance ·

PÓRTICO SPORT offers different types of maintenance to each client, taking care of even the smallest detail, both for padel courts installed by PÓRTICO SPORT and for existing courts of other brands:


Included in the first year of warranty for Pórtico Sport customers



Request information without obligation, the specialists of Portico Sport They will advise you on the type of maintenance that your padel courts need. Do not hesitate to contact us.