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Types of Glasses

Different types of thicknesses and qualities

All the courts are equipped with tempered safety glass, 10 or 12 mm thick according to the request of the clients, strictly complying with the regulations established for this type of facility. Manufactured by the most prestigious companies in Spain with CE marking.

GLAZING using colorless glass with tempered treatment and polished edges, fixed to the metal structure by means of countersunk polyethylene bushings, zinc-plated screws and neoprene gaskets for a perfect glass / metal fastening, with a total of 6 anchoring holes. Approved both in their physical and mechanical properties (resistance to impact, compression and flexo-traction), with perfect alignment and optimal planimetry.

  • GLAZING SURFACE options: STANDARD 100 m2 or EXPANDED 108 m2 for a larger glazed area.
  • GLASS THICKNESS options: 10mm or 12mm for increased rigidity.

Courts Extended

10mm / 12mm glass

Extended court 108 m²

Standard Court

10mm / 12mm glass

Sturdy court 100 m² 

Panoramic court Glasses 12 mm

Panoramic with 12mm glass