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 Our engineering experience has allowed us to design a canopies specially conceived for sports, and especially for PADEL, combining differentiating characteristics for this sport that are difficult to match with other types of canopies.


Exterior and interior

Manufactured with hot rolled structural steel profiles of different dimensions as required by the installation. The covering of the structure is carried out with cellular polycarbonate sheets of variable thickness according to the demands of the project and the situation. This material gives the canopy the ideal characteristics for the practice of this sport, tested by high-level players.

We highlight of our canopy the reduction of heat projection compared to the metal sheet, the reduction of shadows and contrasts compared to opaque materials, increased luminosity so that it optimizes the lighting of lighting projectors, reduction of the echo effect during the game and a myriad of advantages that make our canopy a canopy that is difficult to match.
As an option, we highlight the possibility of installing side bibs up to a height of 3 meters from the floor, in order to avoid winds and / or side rains that could disturb the game.

Canopies in Markaryd (Sweden)
Vindafjord Norway

The first Pórtico Sport padel tennis court cover is installed in Norway.