Portico Sport continues to install new padel courts in the Scandinavian region.We keep growing together Visit us:


Portico Sport opens its own laquared plant offering the entire construction process from start to finish, be it sports canopies or padel courts, with a […]

Lagos (Portugal)

We want to show you the complete padel tennis courts of Lagos (Portugal) Quality-Experience-Commitment-Trust-Transparency-Efficiency-Efficiency-Speed ​​and seriousness at work-Good after-sales management and maintenance.


Pórtico Sport installing several padel courts in TRONDHEIM, Norway.Quality-Experience-Commitment-Trust-Transparency-Effectiveness -Efficiency -Speed ​​and seriousness at work -Good after-sales management and maintenance.You can get to know us […]

Elfsborg (Boras)

We want to show you the completed padel courts of Elfsborg (Boras), in Quality-Experience-Commitment-Trust-Transparency-Effectiveness -Efficiency -Speed ​​and seriousness at work -Good after-sales management and [ …]

The padel

Paddle tennis is a relatively young sport, it arrived in Spain in 1974, with the first court in Marbella (Malaga). Although it was born in Mexico, we can undoubtedly talk […]